Losing your keys is the worst.

It’s inconvenient, stressful, and it can feel embarrassing. No one likes being late to work or spotted stuck outside their own home because they can’t find their keys.

If your the kind of person who is habitually losing your keys or is prone to misplace things, then this article is for you. Here, we have brainstormed several ideas for how to not lose your keys to prevent the issue from even happening in the first place.

You don’t have to be locked into just one of these ideas for not losing keys. Feel free to try several of these practical and clever tricks for not losing your keys to find what works best for you!

Practical Tips

The number one way to not lose your keys is first to have your keys, and then to not lose them. Facts.

If this doesn’t work for you, then consider trying one of the following strategies for how to not lose your keys:

Have a designated spot in your house.

Whether you put your keys in a bowl, in a drawer, or hang them by the front door, habitually putting your keys in a designated can help decrease your chances of losing them. It helps if it’s someplace that’s visible and easy to access, preferably close to the front door or wherever you enter the house.

Have a designated spot in when your not home.

When your not home, having a place to habitually put your keys is still important for not losing them. When you’re out and about, regularly put your keys in a purse, your pocket, or on a lanyard you can wear.

Make spares.

If you’re prone to losing your keys, think ahead and make some spares. I can’t hurt to have some extra sets just in case of emergencies. You can also choose to give one of these copies to a person you trust, such as a neighbor, spouse, or close friend.

Get a big lanyard.

Get a large, bright lanyard for your keys and add other fun trinkets and accessories. The flat, wide lanyards are best and can come in many fun patterns and colors. The bigger and brighter the key chain, the easier it will be not to lose your keys. Plus, you can use it in self-defense.

Get a tracker.

Yes, trackers for your keys are a real thing. We have the technology to find the nearest coffee shop or find the best travel route, so it only makes sense that we have the technology to find our keys. If you’re the kind of person who’s really prone to losing your keys, it’s worth it to invest in a tracker key chain or chip so you can locate your keys with an app or remote control finder.

Lock them in your car.

If you lock your keys inside your car, you’ll know where to find them, right? But seriously, if your car has a keypad to unlock the door without the keys, then hiding an extras set of house and/or car keys deep in the glove box might not be the worst idea. Just make sure to lock your car every time you leave it.

Unconventional Strategies

Still having trouble not losing your keys? Here are some unconventional strategies we’ve come up with. Try at your own risk.

Use duct tape.

If you want your keys to stick around, literally use tape. Tape your keys to the inside of your pants or jacket pocket every morning when you get dressed, then you’ll never be without your keys when you need them.

Get a tattoo of your key.

They always say out of sight out of mind. If you have an exact tattoo replica of your keys somewhere on your body that you can easily see (your forearm perhaps?), your key will always be at the forefront of your thoughts and will literally be right in front of you. Having this symbolic reminder can be a helpful way to keep you thinking about your keys so you’re conscious of where they are and where you put them.

Make a map.

Draw a picture of your key on some old fabric so you don’t forget what it looks like. It worked for Captain Jack Sparrow, right? Totally made sense. Movies never lie, and Jack successfully found the key he was searching for in the film based on a fabric map, so it seems like a solid plan for everyday homeowners too.

If you don’t know where to start, we suggest listening to the Melanie song “Brand New Key” while you decide which of these ideas to try out first. It’s pretty catchy.

You Always Need Your Keys

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