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We have the professional equipment necessary to copy all types of keys including automotive transponder head keys like this one.

Do you need a vehicle key duplicated in Winchester, VA? Don’t feel like dealing with the hassle or paying the cost of going to the dealership? Need a home or business key duplicated over a weekend or outside of business hours?

The experienced and reliable key makers at Quality Lock, LLC, will travel to you and duplicate your keys. Our friendly and honest professionals have years of experience and offer competitive, up-front pricing—there will never be any surprises after the work is done. The hardware we use is always of the highest quality, made by top brands such as Schlage and Medeco. Quality Lock, LLC, is so confident in the work done by our professional locksmiths that we offer a full warranty on all our labor.

For fast, reliable, and accurate key duplication, call Quality Lock, LLC, today.

Why choose a professional mobile locksmith for key duplication

When you need the key to your house, shed or office duplicated, you can usually make a quick trip to the local hardware store, stick the original key in one of those big green machines, swipe your debit card for a couple of bucks, and two or three minutes later, out comes a second key that looks and operates identically to the first.

Unfortunately, modern car keys are much more complicated than that, requiring a more involved and high-tech process for a successful duplication. Unlike standard keys, which require nothing more than the teeth of the key fitting the grooves of the lock like a jigsaw puzzle, today’s car keys have transponder chips that send a signal to the vehicle. If the signal sent by the chip in your key isn’t programmed to match the signal expected by the receiver in your vehicle, the key will not start the car, even if it physically fits into the ignition.

Programming a transponder chip on a car key requires special equipment and certain expertise, which is why many people simply take the key to the dealership to have it done. But dealerships are known for being expensive, slow, and difficult to work with. Not to mention, what if you need a key duplicated after 5:00 p.m. or on a weekend? Not many dealership service departments are open at those times. The Quality Lock, LLC, team, however, is available, and we are happy to come to you to duplicate your car keys.

Call Quality Lock, LLC today for professional key duplication

Before paying dealership prices and dealing with extended wait times and lackluster service, give Quality Lock, LLC, a call to handle your car key duplication. Our pros offer competitive and up-front pricing and will come to you at your convenience, removing the need to take your car to the dealership. Remember, we offer a full warranty on all our labor because we know our experts will do it right the first time. We look forward to hearing from you today!


Brad was responsive, kind, fast and affordable! Locked myself and the kids outside the house and he came for the rescue as quick as he could and in 30s had my door unlocked. Forget the others. Call Brad. He’s the man!

Nicole Q.

Brad was absolutely amazing. Called the other company in winchester and got stood up. Brad was there in 10 minutes and was extremely friendly. Wish there was a 10 star!

Jimmy Lee A.  September 17
Jimmy Lee A.

Excellent service. Professional and courteous. Service with a smile.

Barbara P.   June 11
Barbara P.
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