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Restricted Keys

A normal, common or standard key can be easily duplicated, such as by those machines in a hardware store. Normal keys can also be photographed, uploaded and reproduced using an online resource. Even a key stamped with “Do Not Copy” is at risk.

If you truly want to secure your home, business or valuables, you should consider acquiring restricted keys.

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What are Restricted Keys and Restricted Keyways?

Restricted keys are high-security keys, created to prevent anyone from duplicating your keys without your expressed permission. These keys are generally controlled by the manufacturer, produced by a single locksmith and require your name on a signature card. Sometimes, patents are put into place to prevent unauthorized copying. And restricted keys are difficult to copy without the expertise of an experienced locksmith. Restricted keyways are locks designed to prevent unauthorized key duplication.

If you have ever lost a key, or left your keys out in the open on your desk, you are at risk of someone stealing or photographing your key and making a copy. With restricted keys, you can create policies within your business to identify and track who has them, and procedures for turning in the keys when someone leaves the company. You could even stamp identifying marks directly on the keys. This would aid in documentation.

Secure your home and office with the higher level of security offered by a restricted keyway. Although they may cost slightly more than regular keys, the added security certainly outweighs the cost of theft, vandalism, changing the locks, worry, or loss of life.

Medeco Restricted Keyways

Medeco’s locking systems depend upon two critical factors: their physical strength against forcing, picking and drilling; and the controlled duplication of keys for their locking systems.

The company controls duplication of its keys by manufacturing them on special key cutting machines, selling only to professional security industry representatives like Quality Lock, and by successfully litigating against unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of its key blanks. Each key blank is clearly marked with the Medeco name.

Quality Lock, LLC is proud to carry Medeco’s brand of restricted keyways.

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Quality Lock Locksmith

Quality Lock, LLC cares about your security and offers restricted keyways as another way to protect your valuables, assets and the ones you love. Contact Quality Lock for installation, keys, programming and decoding, and service for your home, office or vehicle.

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