Oh, good grief. You’re headed out the door and can’t find your keys again.

Just where did you leave them this time?

Sound familiar? If so, you’re like many others who get distracted and can’t remember where they left their keys. We thought we’d help by offering these tips on how to find your lost keys.

Before You Start Looking…

You can get a feeling of panic when you can’t find your lost keys, especially if you are rushing out for an important appointment, so the first thing to do is calm down. Sit down, breathe deeply a few times and gather yourself together.

Try to focus on what you were doing the last time you arrived at the house, or the last time you used or saw your keys.

Often, this simple relaxation method alone can help spark your memory. Remember that your lost keys have not disappeared from the earth; they are merely misplaced and will eventually turn up.

While You Are Looking…


Look in the Conventional Places

Check around where your keys are supposed to be first. If you usually put them on an entry table or hook, perhaps they fell onto the floor or into a nearby bag.


Check all your pockets.

Check your pockets and purse, especially coat pockets; you may have unconsciously pocketed them while you were juggling packages.

Keys are often found with an 18” radius of where they are usually placed.


Trace your steps backwards.

Did you bring in the groceries? Check the kitchen. Did you head to the bedroom to drop off the dry cleaning? Check in there. Did you rush to answer the phone and drop everything in your arms?

Sometimes you find your lost keys in the most unusual of places.


Try talking to yourself aloud.

Talk aloud to yourself as you retrace your steps, it may spark your memory as you recall your actions.

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Ways to Prevent Losing Your Keys…

Create a home:

A good way to always know where your keys are is to dedicate a holding place for them. This can be a hook by the door, an entry table, or any spot where they are completely visible and easy to grab.

Make a conscious effort to place your keys back in this spot every time you use them. If you see your keys in another location, move them to their dedicated key home.

Talk to Yourself:

 When you set your keys down in an unusual spot, state aloud their location, like “keys on the kitchen counter.” This will help your memory recall when you go to find them later.

Use Technology:

How to find your lost keys can be accomplished by using GPS technology. Attach a GPS tracking device like the Rinex Bluetooth Tracker or Tile Mate. These come in the form of a small square tile that attached to your keyring. Remember the Clapper? There is a company that makes a product called Find It that can find keys with the clap of your hands.

Make Them Visible:

Attach something large or colorful to your keyring to make your keys highly visible no matter where they are placed. Use pompoms, scarves, or a special keychain ornament. Or paint the key heads (the bow) with brightly-colored or glow-in-the-dark paint.

Clean Up:

A big reason for lost keys is too much clutter. How to find your keys can be as simple as cleaning up clutter and keeping spaces clear.

Still Can’t Find Your Keys?

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